This is one of my designs and it was designed for one single purpose. The target of this design was offshore passagemaking.

When choosing a hull form I stayed with very moderate beam, almost narrow by today's standards. Why? Beam slows a boat down. I chose a narrow boat to get good speed and a light and predict-able helm.

The volume in the topsides is carried forward to produce a boat with a high heeled prismatic. The idea behind this is that you want reaching performance for sailing in the trades. I sacrificed pointing angle for comfort and reaching speed. I also kept the stern quite full to further help with off the wind speed and control.

The boat has a deeply Ved chest forward and a clean bustleless run aft. The transom is near vertical to extend the useful cockpit space. The skeg and rudder combination has a lot of area for good directional stability. The D/L ratio of this design is 212. The keel fin is long enough to set the boat on when hauled out. The midsection is a result of looking for reasonable form stability along with a gentle motion. Harder bilges will increase initial stability through form assist but hard bilges will also give a boat too quick a motion for long term comfort at sea.



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